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Reasons for Back Pain

According to research, nearly 80% of the population will experience lower back pain at some point in their lives.

Physiotherapy for back pain treatment frequently reports symptoms such as upper back pain, lower back pain, left side back pain, right side back pain, and back bone pain. These pains are primarily classified as acute or chronic back pain.

  • The majority of these backaches are caused by muscular pain. In some cases, back pain is caused by a more specific spine problem, such as a slipped disc, a prolapsed disc, a bulging disc, or age-related disc degeneration – spondylosis and spondylitis.

    Back pain is more likely if you are: 

    • Obese
    • Inadequate posture
    • Permanent positions
    • Incorrect lifting
    • Sedentary lifestyle jobs at a desk
    • Excessive stress

How Physiotherapy can help:

Physiotherapy is one of the most commonly used forms of treatment for relieving low back pain. It is used as a single treatment as well as in conjunction with other treatments such as massage, heat, traction, ultrasound, or short-wave diathermy.

Active physical therapy is critical for spine rehabilitation.Stretching, strengthening, and stabilization exercises combined with low-impact aerobic conditioning

When exercise is too painful, treatments such as hot/cold packs, TENS units, ultrasound, and so on are used

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