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Reasons for Knee Pain

Physiotherapy is extremely beneficial for knee pain, whether you have an acute, sporting injury, or if you have more long-term pain due to osteoarthritis. Physiotherapists are movement and function experts who are well-equipped to assist you in your recovery.

Knee injuries or pain are frequently associated with the following activities:

  • Acceleration or deceleration that is sudden
  • Twisting
  • Kicking
  • Abrupt changes in direction
  • Aging
  • Ligament or cartilage tears
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis

How Physiotherapy can help:

  • A Gait Evaluation Is An Assessment Of How You Walk. Physical Therapists Are Trained To Detect Subtle Changes In Motion Around The Knee During Various Stages Of Walking.
  • Hands-On Techniques Such As Soft Tissue Massage & Joint Mobilizations Are Then Used To Help Relieve Any Muscle Tightness Or Joint Stiffness.
  • For Pain Relief, We Also Use Ultrasound, Heat Packs, & TENS. All Of These Things Help To Increase Blood Flow To The Area, Which Speeds Up Healing & Relaxes The Muscles.
  • Taping May Also Be Required For Short-term Relief Of Your Knee Pain As You Resume Sport Or Activity. During Sports, We May Recommend The Use Of A Knee Brace To Help Offload The Structures And Provide Some Extra Support.

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